February 18, 2011

Holy Rollers - 2010

Director: Kevin Asch
Writer: Antonio Macia
Starring: Jesse Eisenberg & Ari Graynor

"Relax, mind your business, and act Jewish." Based on a true story, the young Hasidic Sam Gold (Eisenberg) gets involved in an ecstasy smuggling ring, thanks to his friend with ties to an Israeli drug cartel.

Eisenberg gave two stellar performances last year, and one of them wholly eclipsed the other. However, I might have to break from the herd and say that the one that wasn't nominated for awards was the superior spectacle. He's got just enough of the expected accent to be wholly believeable, immersing the audience in the character of Sam Gold. Newcomer director Asch has brought the Mormon Macia's script to screen without being overly flashy; I'd even say it's one of my favorite Jewish films, right up there with the previous year's A Serious Man. A-

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