December 21, 2010

Charlie St. Cloud - 2010

Director: Burr Steers
Writer: Craig Pearce
Starring: Zac Efron, Charlie Tahan, Amanda Crew, Ray Liotta, Donal Logue

"We'll always be brothers, every day, come rain or shine, come hell or high water." After surviving a near-death experience, Charlie (Efron) is visited by his dead brother Sam (Tahan) every day at sunset for a game of catch. However, the rest of Charlie's life interferes, and he struggles to keep his promise to Sam.

I understand Efron's need to break out of his High School Musical-induced shell, but this isn't how to do it. Like some other movies I've seen this year, this is one of those identity-crisis films. You've got Zac Efron: Sailor, Zac Efron: Ladies Man, and Zac Efron Has an Adventure with his Dead Kid Brother, each of which tramples over the other two. In addition (here comes my favorite critique), no proper explanation about why he was able to see his brother, on top of the inconsistency of him seeing a certain other character despite them not being dead. To Hollywood: don't make any more movies just as an excuse for Efron to drop a four-letter word or two if the story can't back it up. F

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