December 18, 2010 - 2010

Directors: Noel Clarke & Mark Davis

Writer: Noel Clarke

Starring: Emma Roberts, Tamsin Egerton, Ophelia Lovibond, Shanika Warren-Markland

Thanks to a chance encounter with some diamond thieves, four friends in London have an action-packed three day span, despite every intention to lead altogether separate lives.

I come very close to calling this an exploitation flick. The majority of the film features our heroines triumphing over their obstacles, often by surprising displays of brute force. They also spend a significant portion semi-clothed or naked, usually serving no greater purpose to the plot. It eventually settles in as a standard failed heist film, more or less. How the girls can defend themselves so well is never explained, much to my annoyance, and the same goes for where the diamonds came from, where they're going, significant background about the characters….you know, silly things like that. The film's saving grace (aside from some choice cameos by Kevin Smith, Eve, and Mandy Patinkin) is its editing and narrative style. The girls are together in the introduction and conclusion, but each of the four stories is told consecutively, rather than concurrently, and then the film "rewinds" to the departure point. That makes it a little different in my eyes, and thus not a total waste of time. D+

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  1. Bah. Emma Roberts was in it. Of course it was bad!