March 8, 2010

Oscar night

And what a night it was! Almost all my predictions were correct (aside from Adapted Screenplay, which went to Geoffrey Fletcher for Precious); I think I need to make a wager or two next year. I'd clean up.

The Hurt Locker beat out Avatar in almost EVERY category in which they went up against each other (Avatar got Cinematography), but Bigelow was too proud to mention ex-husband Cameron in her speeches, which marked the first female win of Best Picture or Best Directing. Avatar had people making fun of it all night, though, so it was no great loss. One of the makers of Best Documentary Feature The Cove flashed a sign saying "Text DOLPHIN to 44144," but they quickly cut away from it. Oh, and T-Bone Burnett is probably the only person who can get away with wearing sunglasses with a tuxedo indoors.
And you all need to see this. It won for Best Animated Short, beating out a Wallace and Gromit film among others. It's called Logorama, and you'll quickly realize why.

Wonder what'll be deemed worthy by the Academy next year...

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