March 4, 2010

The Last Station - 2009

Director: Michael Hoffman
Writer: Michael Hoffman
Starring: Christopher Plummer, Helen Mirren, James McAvoy, Paul Giamatti

The latest film from Michael Hoffman (Soapdish, The Emperor's Club) details the struggle of Leo Tolstoy (Plummer) to balance the wishes of his wife (Mirren) with his followers, including Vladimir Chertkov (Giamatti) and Tolstoy's secretary Valentin Bulgakov (McAvoy).

The Last Station is a bit slow-paced, and feels long in certain parts. Tolstoy is confusingly referred to as "Lev Nikolayevich" throughout the film. Also, for a film set in Russia and composed entirely of Russian characters, all of the actors sound British. However, the performances of Plummer and Mirren stand out, making the film worth a watch; both deserve their Oscar (and Golden Globe and SAG) nominations.

Sorry for the sparse details, but I'm a little burned out on all these Oscar flicks. I'm grateful this is my last one for a while.

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