July 29, 2009

Perfect Blue - 1998

Director: Satoshi Kon
Writers: Yoshikazu Takeuchi & Sadayuki Murai
Starring: Bridget Hoffman, R. Martin Klein, Wendee Lee

I saw this film yesterday, and truth be told, I'm still not entirely sure what it's about. There's something in there about a singer becoming an actress, and she's got some creepy stalker, and one day she films a traumatic scene that causes reality to slowly collapse around her. The director's use of transitions will throw you for a loop even before the main character starts being unable to keep her role separate frome real life, however. There's also a chase scene near the end of the film over the rooftops of what I'm going to assume is Tokyo. Normal, actual people running around on and jumping between rooftops. Yeah...

There's never before been a film I left not knowing what happened entirely. The plot synopsis on Wikipedia sounds almost like a different movie to me. I'll stick with David Lynch or Alfred Hitchcock next time, I think.

1 comment:

  1. I don't see what was so hard to follow about the film. It's got many deep metaphors and is well presented with the transitions that bend the barriers between reality and fantasy and give the viewer a better feeling of what the main character is going through. Because the director wants you to empathise with her. Not know everything that is going on in the entire story and leave you merely observing the characters as they go through the easily figured out storyline.

    The fact that you didn't figure out the ending before it was presented to you is either evidence that the movie is really good and lost you as was it's intent, or it was really bad and indirectly lost you because it couldn't explain itself correctly. I lean toward the former.

    It seems, from my point of view, that you just have a hard time taking japanese animation seriously just because of what you've been exposed to before. I base this off a comment you made before watching the film. Something about giant shiney eyes and colorful hair or something.