July 26, 2009

Moon - 2009

Director: Duncan Jones
Writers: Duncan Jones & Nathan Parker
Starring: Sam Rockwell, Kevin Spacey

Let's get this out of the way: Duncan Jones is the son of David Bowie. Make your "Major Tom" and Ziggy Stardust jokes now. Done yet? Good.

Moon depicts Sam Bell, the sole crewmember of a helium mining plant on the moon, as he nears the end of his three-year contract. Eager to return home to his wife and daughter, he begins his final preparations, including a trip out to the surface to repair a seemingly damaged harvesting device. His rover crashes, and after waking up several days later in the base's infirmary, he encounters another person, who appears to be a version of himself from the first week of his time served. If I say anything more, the movie will be ruined for you.

High points of the film:
  • models used (no CGI at all) toe the line between obvious and believeable
  • Kevin Spacey's voice coming out of the computer that communicates with emoticons
  • a game of Ping-Pong between the two Sams
  • the songs "The One and Only" and "Walking on Sunshine" used spectacularly
As long as you get past the first five or so minutes of a very beardy Sam Rockwell, you have a thrilling (and surprisingly realistic) sci-fi film.


  1. The emoticons were my favorite part...

  2. I liked the movie a lot as well. I thought it was a little confused with it's own genre at the beginning because it started a theme that I felt was abruptly, though subtley, dropped and not really thought about or focused on again for the rest of the film.

    All in all, I liked the movie a lot.

    What's wrong with beardy Sam? =P Some men pull off beards well. ^^