February 7, 2010

An Education - 2009

Director: Lone Scherfig
Writer: Nick Hornby
Starring: Carey Mulligan, Peter Sarsgaard, Alfred Molina, Olivia Williams, Emma Thompson

"If people die the moment that they graduate, then surely it's the things we do beforehand that count." The triple-Oscar-nominated film An Education tells the story of Jenny Miller (Mulligan), a 16-year-old girl growing up in postwar, pre-Beatles England, and how David Goldman (Sarsgaard), a man nearly twice her age, shakes up her humdrum life.
Greetings, true believers, and welcome to (if I've counted right) my 25th theatrically-released-film review. I've come through hell and high water to get it posted, but it's all for the worthiest of causes--you, my loyal fans! An Education is nearly without fault--newcomer Carey Mulligan (who might as well be a British Audrey Hepburn) is stunning, especially playing a character six years her junior; the supporting cast of (mostly) British actors creates a firm pillar on which she stands with the surest of footing; and Nick Hornby's screenplay is a work par excellence, even five minutes in, especially when it comes to making a relationship between two people with that great an age disparity (especially a younger woman) not seem incredibly creepy. So go see the film, and maybe you'll learn something about interpersonal relations as well.
Apologies to Stan Lee for shamelessly ripping him off in the first couple sentences of the preceding paragraph.

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