September 11, 2009

Today in film

Two films I recommend watching today, and then promptly reshelving the rest of the year.

United 93
Director: Paul Greengrass
Writer: Paul Greengrass

"Let's roll." This film's about the events taking place on the plane that was diverted from hitting a third building when the passengers rushed the cockpit. Who knew a Brit would make the best September 11th film?

Reign Over Me
Director: Mike Binder
Writer: Mike Binder

" I don't need to talk about her or look at pictures... 'cause the truth is, a lot of times, I see her... on the street. I walk down the street, I see her in someone else's face... clearer than any of the pictures you carry with you. I get that you're in pain, but you got each other. You got each other! And I'm the one who's gotta see her and the girls all the time. Everywhere I go! I even see the dog. That's how f*cked up I still am! I look at a German shepherd, I see our g*dd*mn poodle." This fictional film looks at the life of a man (Adam Sandler) who lost his wife and daughters on 9/11, and has since cut himself off from the world. His former college roommate (Don Cheadle) struggles to reconnect with him and help him function properly in society. Definitely Sandler's best role of his career so far.

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