September 3, 2009

Boondock Saints II

A little something to tide you over until I go see Extract (minor spoiler if you didn't see the first movie):

Ten years ago, Troy Duffy made a nice little film about two Irish Catholic fraternal twin brothers in Boston who run around exacting their own form of justice upon the wicked, and the homosexual FBI agent (played by Willem Dafoe) trying to piece together the puzzle left at the "crime" scenes. Mr. Duffy, while despite having written and directed phenomenally, had the poor fortune to finish the film around the time of the Columbine massacre, after which the media did its best to quash violence wherever possible. (He also had quite a few conflicts with the studio system, which can be seen in more detail in the documentary Overnight.) Nevertheless, the film went on to become a cult classic on DVD, and after a decade of waiting, the McManus brothers are coming back to the silver screen in Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day.

This might seem like your steretypical stupid shoot-em-up flick, but I guarantee that if it's HALF as good as the original, you'll go home happy.

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