February 9, 2012

Chronicle - 2012

Director: Joshua Trank
Writer: Max Landis
Starring: Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell, Michael B. Jordan

Three teenage boys discover a mysterious flowing object that imbues them with telekinetic powers. They immediately break the number one rule of such an occurrence: using said powers solely for personal gain. Things take a dark turn when one of them takes things too far.

Just when you think the "found footage" genre is beating a dead horse, Chronicle premieres as the #1 movie domestically and worldwide, and deservedly so. This is the one story yet to be told: what happens when you have no desire to do either great good or evil for the world, but just to make life more convenient? Debut director Trank has assembled a stellar cast of unknowns, and you never question the validity of the source of the camera (hence the film's title). It's clear that the young Landis has much of his father's talent, and I hope the rest of his screenplays in production turn out as well as this had. A+

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