January 16, 2012

2012 Golden Globes thoughts

  • Elton John was the first to be bleeped of the night. I knew it would come back to haunt him.
  • Ricky Gervais got off to a great start, but there was far too little of him in the show as a whole.
  • While I think no one can top Albert Brooks in Drive, no one can say that Chris Plummer doesn’t deserve his awards.
  • Tina Fey photobombing was the first great moment of the night.
  • Paul Giamatti looks like a hobo in a tux.
  • Kate Winslet gets to be the first played off winner of the night.
  • Kelsey Grammer beats out Buscemi and Cranstons? That Boss must be some kind of show.
  • The Artist takes home the score award. No surprise there.
  • Yes, Michelle as Marilyn is award-worthy (I was hooked from the first line of “Heat Wave”), but My Week is not a damn comedy. Get your act together, HFPA.
  • Peter Dinklage for all the awards.
  • Adventures of Tintin is so beloved worldwide, it makes sense that it’d beat Rango in this case.
  • Come on, Woody: take a week off from shooting in Rome when you’re nominated for awards. It’s not going to kill anyone.
  • I hope the person running across the stage behind Madonna was punished. Severely.
  • Why are we “introducing” Katharine McPhee? I don’t even watch American Idol and I know that’s where she’s from!
  • There’s no way Matt LeBlanc beats out Alec Baldwin’s 30 Rock performance.
  • I don’t think Octavia Spencer should have won. Viola Davis was the sole great performance in The Help.
  • I feel bad for Helen Mirren, having to tell those awful jokes about Morgan Freeman.
  • Watch Street Smarts. EVERYONE.
  • In my house, [the Cecil B. deMille award] would also be known as the Sidney Poitier award.” I think I rolled a tear.
  • Is that Mrs. Hazanavicius with her camera phone out all the time? Classy.
  • With all due respect, Marty’s the last guy I expected to win for best director. It must have involved some back-alley film restoration.
  • THAT’S RIGHT MODERN FAMILY IS GREAT AND NEW GIRL SUCKS. Props to Ty Burrell for rocking a white tux.
  • I have an unashamed man-crush on JGL. However, I’m okay with Jean Dujardin winning instead because of the unique challenges that come with starring in a modern silent film.
  • High moment of the night: Meryl Streep forgets her glasses, yet gives a stellar speech highlighting all the great female performances of the year…while George Clooney and David Fincher attempt to get her glasses up to the stage. Also, mad props for fighting the “wrap it up” music.
  • Even though I think the funniest film should win the award for best comedy/musical, I can live with The Artist taking this one too, especially since they brought the dog.
  • George Clooney thinks that Michael Fassbender can play golf with both hands tied behind his back. Okay then.
  • The Descendants takes best actor in a drama and best drama? I think I watched a different movie.
Six weeks until the Oscars!

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