August 21, 2011

Attack the Block - 2011

Director: Joe Cornish
Writer: Joe Cornish

Starring: John Boyega, Jodie Whitaker, Jumayn Hunter, Nick Frost

"You discovered an unknown lifeform, possibly nonterrestrial in origin...and you kicked its f***in' ass!" A group of inner-city youth becomes the first line of defense when aliens invade the housing projects of south London.

It's been literally a year since I enjoyed any film as much as I enjoyed this one. Cornish has an instant classic on his hands, with each beat of the movie just as entertaining as the last. He assembled a strong cast of unknowns (Nick Frost has just a wisp of a supporting role) who end up being complex yet relatable, and run the gamut from standard cocky youths to proper scared once the "gorilla wolf motherf***ers" start wreaking havoc. In addition, unlike most sci-fi films these days, the creatures in Attack are all done on-camera, rather than CGI, and they look spectacularly intimidating. The fact that this is Cornish's feature debut as a writer/director, as well as the debut of most (if not all) of the young cast, makes it that more impressive. The only problem I had with this movie is its lack of wide release. As of this weekend, it's playing in eleven cities nationwide (NYC, LA, Chicago, Seattle, Austin, San Francisco, Boston, Orlando, Dallas, Atlanta, and Washington DC). While part of me wants to just sum up my ability to see the movie like this, I have never had a more worthwhile trip to Orlando since I seriously got into film two years ago. Do whatever it takes to see this one; you won't be disappointed. It's wicked like bare bangers--believe, bruv. A+

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