June 7, 2011

Cave of Forgotten Dreams - 2011

Director: Werner Herzog

"Will we ever be able to understand the vision of the artists across such an abyss of time?" For the first time ever, the Chauvet caves of southern France are open to someone aside from the select few scientists who conduct an annual exploration inside the cave. In the span of one week, Herzog and his skeleton crew are allowed a total of 24 hours to film the world's oldest cave paintings in an attempt to bring their majesty to worldwide audiences.

I traveled an hour and paid $14 to see this film. I'd say it's worth one or the other, but not both. Now, don't get me wrong; that's not to say I didn't enjoy it. Herzog is a great storyteller (I plan to see another one of his films soon), and he uses the 3D technology to give the audience a great sense of the spatial aspect of the caves. Yeah, I saw it in 3D, hence the price (and Herzog's career-best opening weekend, box office-wise). This and Martin Scorsese's Hugo Cabret will be the only 3D choices for the year. To get back on topic, it's a relatively interesting subject (especially for the anthropology folks out there), and surprisingly short at only 90 minutes. While I prefer the human interest pieces, at least it's not a stuffy issue film. Might be an Oscar contender, but I can't say for sure. B

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