April 18, 2011

Meek's Cutoff - 2011

Director: Kelly Reichardt
Writer: Jonathan Raymond
Starring: Bruce Greenwood, Michelle Williams, Paul Dano

Three families are led through the perils of the Oregon Trail by a mysterious guide (Greenwood).

I love Dano and Williams as actors, but this movie is a failure in almost every aspect. The film's half shot in excessive darkness (as well as half without dialogue), and I could honestly only tell you two things that happen in the movie, it's that devoid of plot, opting instead for the same wagon wide shots again and again. The people in my party all fell asleep while watching. Repeatedly. The characters are never properly established or developed, so you never really care about anyone, especially the Native American whose dialogue is never subtitled, so neither the audience nor other characters ever understand him. Saying that the ending was open and ambiguous is an understatement; it's worse than No Country for Old Men in this aspect, since Meek says "It's time to do X," in reference to another character, and then the credits roll just as the latter character is about to do...something. Playing the computer game is a more rewarding and entertaining experience. F

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