October 2, 2010

The Other Guys - 2010

Director: Adam McKay
Writers: Adam McKay & Chris Henchy
Starring: Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Steve Coogan, Michael Keaton, Eva Mendes

When two hero cops are suddenly out of commission, a couple of desk jockeys (Ferrell & Wahlberg) attempt to step up, racing around New York City in a little red Prius and eventually uncovering a massive financial plot bigger than anyone expected from the two of them.

I really wanted to give this movie a chance, but I felt like walking out on it time and time again. The leads don't belong in action roles; I'd rather have seen a film about the hero cops (Dwayne Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson)--it's a shame that them JUMPING OFF A 20 STORY BUILDING starts the plot. And that's the first of many problems with the story, which also includes Wahlberg accidentally shooting Derek Jeter and a flashback of Ferrell as a college student becoming a pimp (I wish I were joking). I didn't so much as crack a smile, much less laugh, so a comedy this is not.

Some background on this project which adds to the pain: Ferrell and Wahlberg originally were wanted to be the leads in Cop Out, but they wanted too much money, so they essentially left to make their own movie. Adam McKay has a gratuitous mention of both Jaws and the Star Wars franchise, an obvious slap in the face to Kevin Smith. Try to at least have a little class when making your films, if you can't produce something legitimately entertaining. F

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