June 27, 2010

Mystery Team - 2010

Director: Dan Eckman
Writers: DC Pierson, Donald Glover, & Dominic Dierkes
Starring: DC Pierson, Donald Glover, Dominic Dierkes, Aubrey Plaza

"He was involved in this drug deal once, that went bad, and some Bosnians stole his van door. But he still drives around like that, cause he don't give a fuck." Jason (Glover), Duncan (Pierson), and Charlie (Dierkes) are the Mystery Team, three friends who started up a detective business a decade ago, but continue to bust young children for relatively innocent crimes upon the ever of their high school graduation. To prove their worth as legitimate detectives, the trio takes on a double homicide case.

This relatively unknown group is
Derrick Comedy, a group of Internet comedy video creators.While I worried initially whether or not their unique brand of humor would translate well to a feature film format, those worries were alleviated in the first five minutes of the film. I'd recommend watching the group's short videos online first; on the off chance you end up not falling in sync with their particular brand of humor, don't bother with this movie. Otherwise, get ready to bust a gut laughing.

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