January 17, 2010

Golden Globes 2010 reactions

Okay, Hollywood Foreign Press. You've got some explaining to do.

BEST MOTION PICTURE, DRAMA: Avatar? I wish someone would tell me what made that better than Hurt Locker, Inglorious Basterds, Up in the Air, AND Precious.

BEST ACTRESS IN A MOTION PICTURE, DRAMA: Sandra Bullock's had plenty of acclaim in her career. Give the award to the one who blew us out of the water in her SCREEN DEBUT.

BEST ACTOR IN A MOTION PICTURE, DRAMA: I haven't seen Crazy Heart, but it better be pretty good to beat out George Clooney AND Nelson Mandela.

BEST MOTION PICTURE, COMEDY/MUSICAL: 500 Days of Summer. THAT should have won. The movie you guys picked was the writers saying "let's pick random stuff and figure out contrived ways to connect it all."

BEST ACTRESS IN A MOTION PICTURE, COMEDY/MUSICAL: I'm okay with this one. Let's move on.

BEST ACTOR IN A MOTION PICTURE, COMEDY/MUSICAL: I liked Sherlock Holmes, and I never say no to Robert Downey Jr. But did you guys even SEE 500 Days of Summer? COME ON!

BEST ANIMATED: Finally, a legitimate chance to take the award away from Pixar...alas. Maybe next year.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS IN A MOTION PICTURE: I heard nothing but praise about Mo'Nique, so not having seen Precious, I'll let this stand as I did with Jeff Bridges (although Anna Kendrick was superb).

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR IN A MOTION PICTURE: No one knew Christoph Waltz before he was Tarantino's "Jew Hunter" Hans Landa, but no one will forget him anytime soon.

BEST DIRECTOR: The only people who deserve recognition for Avatar are the folks at WETA Digital, who MADE EVERYTHING.

BEST SCREENPLAY: While I was figuring the District 9 guys would take this, I would have been fine with Reitman and Turner or Tarantino, and the pair got it, so good for them.

BEST TV SERIES, DRAMA: I picked House because it wins a lot. But I hear Mad Men's good too.

BEST ACTRESS IN A TV SERIES, DRAMA: Never seen The Good Wife, but then again, I haven't seen a lot of these shows.

BEST ACTOR IN A TV SERIES, DRAMA: Dexter has a habit of getting nominated and not winning, so it was good to see Michael C. Hall up there (even though he had on a silly hat).

BEST TV SERIES, COMEDY/MUSICAL: Glee isn't my cup of tea, but I'm sure Tina Fey was getting tired of winning by this point.

BEST ACTRESS IN A TV SERIES, COMEDY/MUSICAL: Toni Collette has never done me wrong. Didn't know she was from Down Under, though.

BEST ACTOR IN A TV SERIES, COMEDY/MUSICAL: If you're going to steal an award from Tom "I just want my kids back" Jane, at least SHOW UP TO THE CEREMONY!

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS FOR TV: Again, haven't seen most of these, but I hear that Mormon show is good.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR FOR TV: Neil Patrick Harris would have been nice, but again, Dexter deserves an award or two. As long as it's not Lost or Entourage, I'm happy.

Naturally, I would have liked to see the other films in my 2009 Top 10 get in there, but I understand there's only 25 categories overall, and only so many cover film. That's all I hae to say about that.

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